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  1. CreditLoan

Are you looking for money? With CreditLoan, get your credit in Switzerland with ease! Specialized in financial solutions for individuals and self-employed people, we can grant you a loan with a low interest rate!

Credit for Swiss and foreigners

Whether you are a Swiss citizen or a foreigner, our team will be glad to offer you a loan solution from 2,000 to 300,000 Chf. You have a Swiss id, a Swiss working permit (B, C, G or a legitimation card? Whatever your project is, let us help you!

Other services

CreditLoan, this isn't just great opportunities to get a credit in Switzerland. We also may offer many services like insurances, financial advice, legal protection, ... If interested, we can offer you a free contact with one of our advisor.

Privacy guaranteed

At CreditLoan, privacy is not an empty word. In fact, we take security very seriously. By choosing our offers, you ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Online application - Free contact

Whatever the service you are looking for (credit in Switzerland, insurance quote, financial advice, ...), be sure that your request will be 100% confidential and without any obligation.

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