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CreditLoan is a member of Cashflex Sàrl. Our credit agency is active for over 10 years in the field of credit. With several employees throughout Switzerland, our loan agency handles dozens of daily credit requests.

Our values

Our goal is to offer our customers a quality service, regardless of the language and nationality of the latter. Thus, we have dedicated our website CreditLoan to English speaking people. Whether you are English, American, or any nationality, if you live in Switzerland, our credit agency is here to help you!

Our advantages

Our credit agency do its best to provide our customers with a service that is both specialized and flexible according to your needs. With advisors fluent in English, our credit agency provides as follows:

What we offer

With qualified and trusted partners employees, our loan agency offers many services to individuals and businesses:

Professionals at your service

Choosing CreditLoan it making the right choice, whatever your projects are. Wheter you want to build a house in Switzerland, buy a new pool, pay unexpected bills, chance your life insurance, our credit agency can help you!

Loan application

For a loan offer with our credit agency, do not hesitate to apply now using our online form. You will receive a free non-binding quote in the shortest time:

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