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Taking a credit usually means commiting yourself for several years of reimbursement. So it is important to have a good credit insurance. In fact, who knows his situation in two or three years?

Not just to other people

No-one is immune to accidents or illness that could result in significant lost earnings. In this situation, it is important to benefit from a credit insurance that will take care of your monthly payments.

Our credit insurance

At CreditLoan, we think that every loan offer should be as secure as possible. Consequently, very loan offer comes with a free credit insurance. By choosing us, you insure:

  • To be covered in case of illness
  • To be covered in case of accident
  • To be covered in case of death
  • That means our loan insurance will take care of your monthly payments if one of those situation happends!

In case of unemployment

Nowadays, nobody is immune from dismissal. For that reason, in addition to our free credit insurance, we offer a facultative loan insurance in case of unemployement.

How does it work?

In case of trouble, our credit insurance will take care of your monthly payments under the following conditions:

  • By the third month of illness / accident (/ unemployment with the facultative insurance): you only have to pay your loan for two months.
  • You will be covered for a full year.
  • Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions.

Benefit from a free offer

Our loan offers are suitable for everyone living or working in Switzerland. Would you like to receive a credit offer with a free loan insurance included? Ask any amount from 3,000 to 250,000 Chf. Apply now: one of our loan advisors will contact you as soon as possible with a free non-binding quote.

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