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You have debts in Switzerland or even abroad? At CreditLoan, we can offer you a customized debt consolidation loan solution. Discover our offer.

Debt consolidation loan

A debt consolidation loan is basically a financing solution which consists of taking a credit whose money will be used to fix your debts. With a debt consolidation loan, you will be able to reimburse:

Why choosing this solution?

In fact, a good debt consolidation loan could help you to reduce your monthy expenses related to your debts up to 40%? How? You will replace all your debts with one single credit:

Our offer

Are you low on your debit card cashflow, have you contracted some debts? Specialized in financial solutions, we can help you with your debts. With CreditLoan, not only you get a professional team at your disposal, but you are offered a free non-binding quote. Our debts consolidation offers also come with advantages like a free loan insurance and the possibility to request some cash supplement.

Fix your debts now

Are you interested to know more? Trust us and and benefit from our professional services! Simply fill in our online secured form: we will contact you in the shortest time to advise you about your situation and make you a free non binding offer in case of interest. Apply online now: your data will remain 100% confidential and 100% safe.

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