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Would you like to clear your credit record? In Switzerland, every loan request, every loan payment problem, or even credit card problem is recorded by the loan central called "ZEK". In order to clean your credit record, you'll have to avoid any bad entry in the ZEK. Discover our explanations.


The ZEK is an association for the management of credit information. It has files on the credit information from credit activities for individuals.

Elements recorded

In Switzerland, the ZEK records all major events related to individual loans and credit cards. That means your loan record will contain:

How to clean up your credit record?

Unfortunately, it's not that easy to clear your credit record. In fact, it's quite impossible in Switzerland. Indeed, your records will be kept indefinitely at the ZEK. However, bad reports from several years back won't generally be taken in consideration. Thus, if you can't really clear your credit record, the best you can do is to avoid any bad record for several years.

Debt consolidation loan solution

Do you have debts like credits, leasings or credit card balances? In order to clear your credit record, you want to avoid any bad payments? At CreditLoan, we can offer you a solution that will help you to clear your credit report: a consolidation loan. This solutions consists of groupping all your debts into one personal loan with a lowest interest rate.

Apply now

Would you like to know more on how to clean your credit record? Do not hesitate to apply now for a consolidation loan if you have debts with your Swiss Mastercard for example: our team will contact you in the shortest time with a free non-binding offer. Indicate in the request the amount of your debts. Also, do not hesitate to ask, in case of need, a credit supplement.

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