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In Switzerland, the credit rate varies a lot from one contract to another. If this loan rate depends on the bank who lends the money, it also depends on the personal situation of the borrower.

What is a good credit rate?

In fact, in Switzerland, there is no "good credit rate". The loan rates really depends on the situation of the borrower. For one person, a good rate would be 12.9%, while this rate wouldn't be as good for another people. Generally, an average rate is around 11.9 %.

It depends on your situation

When you apply for a loan, the credit rate will be mainly determined by your loan situation. Elements favoring an advantageous interest rate are:

Getting the best credit rate

In order to benefit from the best loan rate, the best you can do is ask to a specialized agency. At CreditLoan, with over ten years of experience, we can provide you with the following services:

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