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In Switzerland we can count more than 250 non-governmental organizations. The majority of them like WWF, ICR, IOC to name a few, have their seat in Geneva, or on the edge of the Geneva lake.

Are you NGO worker?

Due to its many organizations, Switzerland hosts every year numerous of NGO worker. Each of them possesses a legitimation card, who give them the right to live in Switzerland and enter in our country without a visa.

What are the condition?

If you are an NGO worker we would be glad to granted you a personal loan as long as you live in Switzerland and you possess a legitimation card. The conditions that you must fullfill are the same as for a Swiss citizens:

Advantageous loan !

Are you an NGO worker and you are looking for a loan in order to pay for the education of your child in Switzerland? If you have a project in mind we would do everything possible in order to provide you a credit that will match your expecations. All our collaborators have been working in the credit area for numerous of years and would be able to bring you a high quality service

Apply now!

Take advantage of our credit offer! Choose the amount that you wish from 3,000 to 250,000 Chf and reimburse it at your own pace (72 months max). Are you interested? If you are a NGO worker we would be glad to advise you about our different ranges of credit for free.

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