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You wish to find a swimming club in order to make some underwater rugby or diving? Discover below a list of the different sports organizations that are existing in our country. Don't hesitate to take a look at it, it can be very useful: Swimming, Diving, Water polo.

Are you searching for a tennis club?

Are you interested to join a tennis club and you wish to find a sport organization in order to practice this sport? Or are you more table tennis or badminton? Whatever your wishes are we will aid you to find the sport organization that you need: Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Table tennis.

Which winter sport do you prefer?

As a leader in winter sports this list may provide you various renowned sports associations. Have a glance at it, if you are interested in register one of your children or even yourself in a winter sport organization: Bobsledding, Cross country, Luge, Skeleton, Skiing, Snowboarding.

Are you interested by hockey?

Would you like to do an ice sport? If you want to register in a sport organization related to these various sports like: inline hockey, hockey, curling, etc... You just have to click below: Curling, Hockey, Rink hockey, Street hockey.

Are you a fighting sports?

You adore sports fighting and you are searching for an association regrouping, judo, karate, or martial art? Consult our list below! It regroups all the fignhting club associations: Boxing, Karate, Judo.

Football, handball discover our list!

Finally you are a passionate about football, volleyball, handball, etc.. We have listed below the best organizations of these various sports: Baseball, Cricket, Football, Rugby.

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