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Are you looking for financial services in Switzerland? Did you just arrive in this country and you are not sure who to contact for professional advice and services? Here at Creditloan we have more than 10 years experience in personal and professional financing! Have a look at all our personalised solutions and do not hesitate to give us a call for a direct and exclusive contact!

Only the best for you

At Crediloan we pay a great attention to the client's needs and expectations. Each situation comes a different solution that we will design for you. How can we help you today?

Everywhere in Switzerland

Our financial services are available everywhere in Switzerland! Whether you live in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich or Basel, our experts will be more than happy to meet you and help you with any need that you may have! Benefit from a reliable contact!

Free and non-binding

Do not hesitate to contact us! All request is guaranteed a 100% free and does not commit you to anything! All our financial services are highly confidential and secure. For a personalised solution and great services, choose Creditloan!

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