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When applying for a loan or a credit card in Switzerland, the first thing the agency you are dealing with will do is generally inquire about your situation to the ZEK. This is meant to ensure that you do not have any past financial problem in Switzerland.

What is the ZEK?

The ZEK is a typical Swiss institution which records everything linked to a loan or a credit card for individual people in Switzerland. In other words, whenever someone asks for a loan or a credit card, has a repayment problem or any problem with a financial institution, this information is recorded in the ZEK as a code. There are around twenty different codes corresponding to different situations.

Checking the ZEK

It is always possible, to inquire about his own situation to the ZEK for free directly on the ZEK website: www.zek.ch.

The ZEK codes

Here, you will find the meaning of the most used ZEK codes:

Loan related zek-codes:

Credit cards related zek-codes:

In case of problem

If you have problems related to the ZEK, the best you can do is contact directly the institution responsible for this ZEK code. Also, in case of litigation, a legal assistance is always possible!

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