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Have you got some questions regarding an insurance in Switzerland? Specialized in personal services for over ten years, we can help you! Learn more about insurances in Switzerland.

Mandatory insurance

In Switzerland, everyone (Swiss citizen of foreigner), has the legal obligation to subscribe to a health insurance (also called LAMal). If this insurance is mandatory, the choice of the company is free. There are many insurance companies in Switzerland, and their offers and price vary a lot depending on where you live, your age, and the optional coverage you are willing to take.

Optional insurance in Switzerland

Also, in addition to the basic health insurance, it is possible to take optional coverage. Thus, it is possible to subscribe to hospital insurances, dental insurances, complementary medicin coverage, ect. Because each company offers lots of optional insurances solutions, it is not always easy to make the right choice. Also asking, an advisor specialized in insurance in Switzerland could be very helpful.

What can an advisor bring to you?

An advisor specialized in the field of insurance in Switzerland could answer your questions and also offer you the following services:

A professional team at your disposal

With CreditLoan, benefit from a professional service! Our team will be happy to aid you regarding any insurance problem (health insurance, provident fund life insurance, retirement pension, etc). Also, any interview that we will offer is free and confidential. Would you like to meet an advisor? Fill in our online form: one of our advisor will contact you in the shortest time for a free appointment.

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