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Are you looking for an estate agency to finance your real estate in Zürich? Whether it is to build a house, buy a land or acquire a new home, we can help you! Discover our mortgage offers and get in touch with a specialist!

Our mortgage offer

Specialized in financial solutions for over ten years, our estate agency can provide you with interesting mortgage offers:

Why our estate agency?

If Switzerland is the country of banks, it is hovewer not always easy, for people willing to build or buy a new home, to find a company at your disposal that can offer the services of an advisor for free. Because a mortgage is a long term investment, it is important to be well-informed before signing up:

Meet a specialist

With CreditLoan, you can easily get in touch with a mortgage specialist that would be able to inform you about the various mortgage possibilities. He will analyse your situation and advise you about the best offer. Also, in case of interest, he would be able to make you a free non-binding quote.

Confidentiality guaranteed

Do not hesitate to apply online for a free contact with a specialist. With our estate agency, your privacy is 100% guaranteed. The process is totaly free and non binding, and your data will be kept confidential.

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