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In Switzerland, a mortgage loan is the best way to build, purchase, or renovate a home. Indeed, personal loans being limited to 250,000 Chf, a mortgage loan will allow you to finance your new house for any amount.

Loan or mortgage loan?

If a personal credit in Switzerland, is a quick and easy solution to get some cash, this solution is generaly not adapted for the high amount needed when considering real estate projects. With a mortgage loan, on the contrary, you will be able to get any amount provided that:

Our offer

By choosing CreditLoan as a partner for your mortgage, you will benefit from a professional team at your disposal. Whether you are a Swiss citizen or a foreigner living in Switzerland, we will be pleased to help you to achieve your project with the following benefits:

Need an advisor?

With CreditLoan, it is easy to get in touch with a specialist. This one will be able to analyse your financial situation and project and advise you toward the best mortgage loan solution. Feel free to ask him any questions regarding your project!

Contact us for more informations

Are you looking for an estate agency? Choose CreditLoan instead, our advisor will be glad to inform you. This is also 100% free and 100% confidential. Do not hesitate to contact us: we will contact you for an appointment in the shortest time!

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