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Have you been searching for some loan lenders in order to have some cash to finance one of your project? You have knocked on the right door! Indeed, CreditLoan, which is specialized in the financial sector, could provide you the amount that you wish for. But, before applying we suggest you to use our tool calculator in order to know how much you could borrow.

Works out what you can afford!

Would you like to request a personal credit but you don't know if you can afford the repayment? Thanks to our loan calculator you could have an idea of how much it would be. Here's how it works:

Our lending loans

Whether you want to buy a car or even make some home renovation, getting a credit is the ideal solution. All our consumer loans are flexible and will come with an attractive and competitive interest rate.

Need some information?

If you want to learn more about our different range of credits our loan lenders are at your disposal at any time. So don't hesitate to contact them either by phone or by filling our online form, they would be glad to answer any of your question that you will have regarding a personal credit.

Contact us!

Are you looking for a public bank in order to get a personal credit? Come instead in our loan agency! We will contact you as soon as we will receive your application and you will receive the amount on your account within 7 days.Don't waist any more time click on the button below.

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