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Whether you have a specific need for a personal credit or you just want to please yourself, this financial solution will seduce you. In order that you get your personal credit in better condition, CreditLoan will guide you throughout your application and make a constant following of your records. Are you interested to benefit from our service? Just fill in our form and we will contact you to make you a free non-binding offer.

Have you got a project in mind?

Nowadays, personal credit becomes more and more popular. Indeed, in order to finance their various projects numerous of people are turning to this financial solution. Are you interested to get a personal credit? It's simple you just have to apply online to get a free non-binding offer.

Our conditions

In our agency you can request the amount that you wish up to 250,000 Chf and then reimburse it little by little, until 72 months. Here are some of our conditions to apply for a loan:

Call on a professional!

Have you got a project in mind and need some cash in order to finance it? At CrediLoan all our team is at your disposal to answer every questions that you get related to personal loan (credit rate, loan conditions, etc.) We know that make the approach to get a personal credit can be complicated sometimes. That's why we will aid you in your approach to get a loan that will be adapted to your needs. Apply for a personal of credit now to receive a free quote for a professional of the field.

Simplify your life and apply now

If you want to make a personal credit request it's simple and easier with Creditloan. You just have to apply on our 100% secured online form and we will contact you within 10 minutes to make you a free quote with no obligation. Don't wait any longer we guarantee you a high quality service.

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