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Have you planned to buy a car, and you are seeking for a way to finance it? Why not request a personal credit. Quick and fast you will receive the amount that you wish within 10 days on your account. Would you like more information? Apply online from now.

Buy a car: leasing or credit?

Buy a car is one of the larger purchase after a house. To get it you have several possibilities: either you ask for a leasing towards the garage keeper, or you can request an auto credit in a loan agency. Of the two of them a personal credit is the better. Discover our explanation below.

Credit vs leasing!

Discover the advantage to get a credit instead of a leasing to buy your car:

Are you eligible?

Are you interested to get a personal credit? Here are our condition to get a loan.

Choose the amount that you wish?

Have you founnd the car of your dream? Thanks to our various range of credits you will be able to choose the one that will fit you. You can request an amount up to 250,000 Chf and effectuate the repayment within 72 months. Moreover, by choosing CreditLoan you would be able to get the most attractive and competitive interest rate on the credit market.

Apply now!

If you need a big amount of cash in order to buy your car we can provide you the amount that you need. Don't hesitate and fill in our form one of our adviser will give you an answer within 48 hours in order to make you a free quote with no obligation.

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