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Residence permit

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If you are not Swiss citizen you need a residence permit to live beyond a period of three months. The residence permits are issued by the Cantonal Migration Office. A distinction is made between the short-term residence permits (less than a 1 year), annual residence permits (limited) and permanent residence permits (unlimited). Learn more about the different permits below.

The residence permits?

The following types of residence permit are available for foreigners:

  • The L permit: This type of permit give you the right to live and work in Switzerland for a short-term period, usually less than a year
  • The B permit: the B permit is an annual residence permit. It gives you the right to live in Switzerland for 180 days a year or more. On the contrary of the C permit it must be renewed every year.
  • The C permit: this is a permanent residence permit. It is valid as long as you are living in Switzerland
  • The G permit: this permit is reserved to the borders
  • The work permits

    The residence permit acts also as a working permit. This one is requested by the employer to the Cantonal Labour Office. The category of the residence permit is determined by the duration of the employment.

    Residence permit and credit

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