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Have you planned to be an owner in the future? If the most common way to purchase a real estate in Switzerland is to request a mortgage towards bank , you can as well ask for a home loan in a credit agency. Find out more about this financial alternative and apply online.

Get a home loan!

Have you found the house of your dream? Are you searching for a way to finance it? Even if few people know it you can purchase a property by taking a credit. Getting a home loan instead of a mortgage will allow you to benefit from numerous advantage. Discover some of them below.

Our advantage!

Requesting a home loan in our agency will allow you to benefit from the following advantages:

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Would you like to make a request for a home loan? Our friendly team is here to bring you the support that you need all along your project. They are available at any moment to answer any questions that you will have related to a home loan or if you want to request additional cash. So feel free to contact us either by phone or by filling our online form.

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Are you searching for an estate agent in order to have mortgage loan? Take a home loan instead we'll be glad to inform you, about our flexible and adaptable credit. So don't hesitate to apply online and a credit broker will contact you within 48 hours in order to make you a free quote without commitment.

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